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Talking to Your Healthcare Provider About Your Problem

Sex is no longer a taboo subject in the healthcare setting.

Although some solutions to sexual problems don’t require a prescription or referral from a healthcare provider, you should let your provider know about your sexual problems regardless of whether you consider them “medical.” There are many reasons to do so:

  • Some sexual problems have medical causes or may signal underlying medical conditions. If you don’t tell your provider about a sexual problem you’re having, your overall health may suffer. 
  • There’s a good chance your provider may know of treatments or self-help measures that you aren’t aware of. If you might benefit from a treatment that requires a prescription or a referral for sex therapy, you’ll be out of luck unless you speak up about your problem.
  • Some nonprescription products you may be using (such as a vaginal moisturizer) could have implications for other aspects of your health, so your provider should know about them.
  • Sexual problems are widely accepted as established medical conditions, and many even have their own medical codes for insurance purposes. Sex is no longer a taboo subject in the healthcare setting, and your problem is not an inappropriate topic to raise with your provider.

If your provider asks about your sex life or sexual function, don’t miss the opportunity to be frank and look for help. More important, if your provider doesn’t ask specifically about your sexual function, don’t be afraid to bring up a distressing sexual problem yourself when you’re asked, “How are you feeling?” Most providers today are comfortable addressing such a problem; if your provider is not, consider looking for another.

There is absolutely no need to suffer (or let your relationship suffer) 
in silence.

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