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Press Releases

The North American Menopause Society periodically issues news releases, typically on EurekAlert and through our media list. Releases are also posted here, starting with the most recent.


12/5   Insufficient nutrition during fetal development may lead to early menopause

11/14 Surgical menopause leads to increased sleep issues

11/14 Vaginal problems diminish quality of life but often go unreported

10/15 Early onset health risks associated with early onset of menopause and diabetes, along with effect on life

10/10 Getting relief from sexual dysfunction and incontinence caused by menopause

10/1   Interferential current offers solution to painful sex

10/1   Sexual harassment and assault take long-term toll on women’s health

9/28   Getting women in the mood for sex

9/27   Pregnancy disorders may lead to more hot flashes

9/26  Who needs genetic testing for breast cancer?

9/25   Taking control of stress and menopause symptoms

9/24   Options for making sex more enjoyable at any age

9/21   Time to rethink how we diagnose Alzheimer disease

9/20   Understanding why women may age slower than men

9/19   Shedding light on new treatment options for perimenopausal depression and sleep problems

9/19   Obesity and vitamin D deficiency may indicate greater risk for breast cancer

8/29   Chemotherapy may lead to early menopause in young women with lung cancer

7/18    Artery hardening and thickness not affected by stopping hormone therapy

7/11    Postmenopausal smokers now have one less excuse not to quit

6/20    Why isn’t anyone talking about vaginal dryness (or doing anything about it)?

5/30    Hormone therapy may lead to improved cognitive function

5/17    GSM consensus recommendations released

5/16    Exercise beats genetics in determining amount of body fat

5/9      Vaginal estradiol tablets outperform moisturizers when treating vulvovaginal problems

5/9      New study demonstrates toll of anxiety on bone health

4/11    Severity of menopause symptoms could help predict heart disease

3/7      Feeling anxious? Blame the size of your waistline!

2/21    New study suggests hormone therapy helps reduce curvature of the spine

2/14    Climb stairs to lower blood pressure and strengthen leg muscles

1/3      New study demonstrates increased risk of heart disease after hysterectomy

12/6    Study suggests hot flashes could be precursor to diabetes

11/15   Redefining obesity in postmenopausal women

11/8     Risk of cardiac and stroke death increases after discontinuing hormone therapy

11/1     New study links severe hot flashes with greater risk of obstructive sleep apnea

10/11   Traumatic events take toll on the heart

10/10   Once a lesbian always a lesbian, right? Or not?

10/9    How serious is postmenopausal bleeding?

10/6    Painful sex and bladder problems take toll on women’s libido during menopause

10/5    Confusion about long-term treatment of osteoporosis clarified

10/4    Despite effectiveness women remain skeptical of hormones and menopause—what is the problem?

10/3    Women can breathe sigh of relief when using vaginal estrogen to treat menopause symptoms

10/2    Transdermal estradiol shows promise in treating and preventing perimenopausal depression

9/29    Getting a good night’s sleep and feeling better could be all in your head

9/28    Hormone therapy may benefit migraine sufferers without increased risk of heart disease

9/27    Misperceptions from WHI prevent women from benefitting from hormone therapy

8/21    Study documents continued decline in use of hormone therapy by Canadian women

8/17    New study reassures women about the safety of vaginal estrogen

7/19    Why some women are more likely to feel depressed

6/26    New study links hot flashes with depression

6/20    NAMS 2017 position statement updates guidelines for hormone therapy use

6/14    Loss of estrogen a risk factor for disc degeneration and lower back pain

6/7      Higher alcohol consumption leads to greater loss of muscle tissue in postmenopausal women

5/31    Obesity can lead to more severe hot flashes and other menopause symptoms

5/17    Study confirms benefits of fennel in reducing postmenopause symptoms

5/10    Older age at menopause and use of hormone therapy produce increased risk of hearing loss

4/12    Hot flashes could signal increased risk of heart disease

3/28    Vaginal estriol gel helps women recover after surgery for pelvic organ prolapse

2/22    Estrogen therapy shown effective in reducing tooth and gum diseases in postmenopausal women

2/15    Weight loss actually possible after menopause

2/1      Better sleep can lead to better sex

1/25    New study shows anxiety impairing quality of life for postmenopausal women

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