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Media Requests & Policies

Media Requests

To schedule an interview with a menopause expert, contact our Public Relations agency:

Falls & Co.
Ms. Eileen Petridis

Media Representatives at Annual Meeting

Media representatives are welcome at our Annual Meeting. Registration can be requested through our Public Relations agency by contacting Ms. Eileen Petridis, epetridis@fallsandco.com.

Please note that complimentary registration will be considered for legitimate media outlets that have definitive plans to provide coverage of the Annual Meeting and can provide documentation of that coverage. This includes promoting the various presentations during the meeting, including interviewing speakers or members of The Menopause Society attending the meeting. As such, media representatives may be required to provide samples of previous Annual Meeting coverage and/or identify specific topics they will be covering at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting. Complimentary registration is limited to one per media outlet. No videotaping or recording of the sessions or the speakers’ presentations is permitted. Post-event coverage should be submitted to Ms. Eileen Petridis to be prequalified for the following year’s Annual Meeting.

Media Relations at Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meetings are very newsworthy events. With so much attention focused on the symptoms of menopause, including hormone therapy, and the near-record number of women approaching menopause, The Menopause Society has created more media placements around our conference and menopause-related topics. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with our exhibitors and presenters to maximize publicity. Below are the media policies:

  • Exhibitors and presenters may showcase media kits in the Press Room, as well as at their booths.
  • A list of registered media may be obtained after the Annual Meeting by contacting Eileen Petridis, epetridis@fallsandco.com.
  • All other exhibitors and presenters may release media materials after 12:01 AM Eastern time, on Wednesday prior to the opening of the Annual Meeting.
  • Media materials relative to the conference should be sent for review, in advance, to Eileen Petridis, epetridis@fallsandco.com, to ensure that The Menopause Society is positioned correctly and that there is no implied endorsement by the Society of any statements or products. Note that all information will be held in the strictest confidence.

Any questions regarding these policies should be directed to Eileen Petridis, 216-696-0229 or, epetridis@fallsandco.com.


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